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Belmont Village Senior Living

The search for an ideal community

Belmont Village is a fully integrated owner, operator and developer of high-quality seniors housing communities. Noted for its distinctive architecture, high safety standards and innovative programs and support services, Belmont Village communities flourish in the most desirable markets in many of America’s greatest cities.

The success of Belmont Village can be traced back to the quest of businesswoman Patricia Will, who was seeking the perfect home for her mother-in-law, one located in a safe and attractive neighborhood and offering a balance of aesthetics, quality care and independence. She learned that her ideal community did not exist. As a successful entrepreneur, she decided to create one. Working with a team of seasoned professionals and experts in the fields of gerontology, dining, hospitality and senior preferences, she created a senior community attractive to both seniors and their families. Today, Belmont Village operates 22 seniors housing communities in major metropolitan, high-barrier-to-entry markets including Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix.

The right partner

Belmont Village is focused on providing a balance of opportunities and support for residents, distinguishing itself with an unmatched reputation for quality. Maintaining this reputation was a top priority during the company’s search for a new capital partner. After considering a small pool of candidates, Belmont Village hand-picked Health Care REIT. “One of the things that struck us was the fact Health Care REIT was a great listener with respect to the particular needs and uniqueness of our organization,” says Patricia Will. “We were very happy that they were able to recognize the value in our real estate, but also to create a go-forward ownership structure that makes a lot of sense for the principals at Belmont Village and our employees long term.”

A prime opportunity for growth

Both Health Care REIT and Belmont Village are focused on mutual growth. Belmont Village has a methodical and selective growth strategy that emphasizes planning and thought, while Health Care REIT’s relationship-based investing strategy is characterized by trust and performance. The result is a long-term partnership with tremendous potential for future growth.


“The fact we created a partnership that can be additive over time excites us very much. We have a great sense of comfort with each other and we feel we’re going to make good partners for the long term.”

Patricia Will,
Chief Executive Officer,
Belmont Village Senior Living