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Merrill Gardens

A best-in-class organization

Merrill Gardens is one of the nation’s top operators of independent and assisted living communities. Health Care REIT and Merrill Gardens are joint venture partners serving 10 high-quality communities with 1,428 units, concentrated in affluent, infill markets including Seattle, San Jose and San Diego. Merrill Gardens is built on a strong foundation of family, community, long-term commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.

Merrill Gardens was one of the first private senior living companies to focus on lifestyle. Its vision is to motivate seniors to recapture the vitality and interest in activities that make the return to maximum abilities possible. Since 1993, Bill Pettit, Merrill Gardens’ Chief Executive Officer, has been instrumental in the direction of the company. During that time, the company achieved rapid growth, timely execution of acquisitions, and developed the policies that speak to the Merrill Gardens commitment to quality.

The history

Health Care REIT’s relationship with Merrill Gardens began in 1995 when Merrill Gardens acquired a small company in Health Care REIT’s portfolio. Health Care REIT transitioned seven communities to Merrill Gardens soon thereafter, eventually leading to Health Care REIT’s first RIDEA partnership. “Relationships with best-in-class operators such as Merrill Gardens differentiate our company through our industry knowledge, alignment of interests, trust and shared values,” says George Chapman, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Health Care REIT.

The right partner

Health Care REIT’s longstanding relationship with Merrill Gardens is built upon a shared focus on quality service, growth and financial returns. Merrill Gardens has chosen to focus on new development projects. Health Care REIT will maintain an attractive pipeline of high-end modern properties through a right of first opportunity on all future Merrill Gardens’ acquisitions and development projects.

“We are excited to bring new, progressive product types and engaging programs to the marketplace that will continue to distinguish our company,” says Bill Pettit, CEO of Merrill Gardens.


“Health Care REIT is the perfect vehicle for privately held companies who want to stay private but have a partner that is a large, well-capitalized public company.”

Bill Pettit,
Chief Executive Officer,
Merrill Gardens